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Elevate Stewardship
Enhance Outcomes
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Amplifying Investors' Voices to Enable Better Decisions

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Supporting your
stewardship strategy

rezonanz harnesses the power of sophisticated data collection and advanced statistical models to deliver insights that drive impact.

Benchmark proxy
voting records

Enhance trust and transparency by benchmarking your proxy voting records against both sustainability leaders and your peers.

Drive impactful conversations

We aggregate engagement data to provide insights into material risks and impact channels from the investor perspective.

Track & report engagement

Increase engagement effectiveness by linking voting & engagement activities with intuitive tracking tools & simple reporting.

Act on data-driven insights

Track escalation strategies and exclusion processes on our platform to discern effective practices and inform data-driven divestment decisions.

Report: Voting for Sustainability

Together with the Investor Impact Initiative , we've created a first-of-its-kind methodology to assess asset managers' proxy voting records against expert benchmarks. To download the inaugural Voting for Sustainability ranking results, please fill out the form below.

Our unique approach

3 key aspects set us apart


Leverage data to benchmark against, learn from, and compete with the best-in-class investment stewardship leaders.

Impact Focus

Target your engagement efforts where they can have the biggest impact using our precise statistical tools and expansive stewardship datasets.

Best practices

Stay at the forefront of best practice stewardship with our software tools directly integrating research insights.

From voice into impact

We want to help you have more impact with your portfolio companies

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Who we are

We're an interdisciplinary team combining expertise in sustainability, data science, political science & software engineering.

Eleanor Willi

Chief Executive Officer

Eleanor is a sustainability expert with seven years in asset management at ZKB & Robeco(SAM). She brings experience in research, framework development and building portfolio ESG tools to her leadership role at rezonanz.

Dr. Siyana Gurova

Chief Scientific Officer

Siyana is a political scientist with extensive expertise applying quantitative methods to model voting behavior. Siyana brings a scientific approach to analysing proxy voting patterns and measuring the impact of engagement.

Dan Bondor

Chief Technology Officer

Dan is a seasoned professional with over nine years of experience at Robeco as an engineering manager & director. As rezonanz CTO, he leverages this background to develop portfolio ESG tools to drive investor impact.

Robert Stanton

Front-End Expert

Rob is a front-end engineer with eight years of experience in software development. With a background extending from fintech to multiple start-ups, Rob brings a focus on design and usability to his role at rezonanz.

What's inside

Proxy Voting Records

Harness our proprietary analysis of millions of proxy votes to refine your stewardship strategy and distinguish your position in the market.

Engagement Intelligence

Our synthesis of public and proprietary data delivers impactful insights, empowering you to focus your engagement efforts where they matter most.

Engage Across Asset Classes

Extend your engagement reach beyond public equity with our extensive database, seamlessly integrating thousands of companies with your existing financial data.

Integrated Insights

Enhance your escalation strategy through our structured integration of voting and engagement, amplifying impact and effectiveness.

Reporting & Recognition

Earn recognition for your diligence. We're working on intuitive aggregate and fund-level reporting, designed to clearly highlight your contributions.

Collective Impact Intelligence

Our frameworks tackle investment stewardship as a collective challenge, identifying key contributors to long-term value creation amidst concentrated costs and dispersed benefits.

Investor voices in resonance

Our mission is to amplify responsible investors' influence. By quantifying stewardship's impact, we aim to enable values alignment and impactful investing.

Josefstrasse 182
8005 Zurich